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MCAI Combined Project Manager and Foreman Training Day 4

April 23 @ 7:30 am - 3:30 pm

DAY 4 – MORNING – April 23, 2019

 Essential Management Skills

Learn the unique, basic management skills of the mechanical project manager and the project foreman. The primary focus of this session is “People Management”. Gain an understanding of the essential traits, skills, and behaviors that allow effective management.

Topics include:

  • Leadership and management skills
    • How are different, how are they similar?
  • Management ability vs. technical savvy
  • What is management and what is a manager’s role?
  • The construction industry is a people business. How? Why?
  • Understanding the important relationship between personality profile and managing yourself and other people
  • Understanding how people are different and how it affects your management style and effectiveness as a manager
  • The importance of knowing your “default” management style and knowing your own personal strengths and weaknesses as a manager
  • The importance of self awareness and self control in difficult situations
  • Developing a flexible but consistent management style
  • The importance of organization and standardization
  • Motivating others to perform – your role
  • Managing the boss
  • Delegation skills
  • Communication skills and their importance
  • Successfully working with difficult people.

DAY 4 – AFTERNOON – April 23, 2019

Time Management Skills and Managing Multiple Projects

Project management is a dynamic and challenging thing to do for a living. It creates numerous time management challenges for the project manager and causes daily chaos that must be successfully managed in a way that maintains project productivity, project profitability, and customer relationships. Effective and efficient managers of time who can successfully manage multiple projects are therefore invaluable to their firms. Improving time management ability for a project manager or foreman is a difficult proposition that takes great personal commitment and self-discipline.

This session identifies the greatest time wasters and provides strategies for improving time management skills. Students will also identify and discuss the best practices required for becoming a better manager of multiple projects.

In this session, the instructor will provide proven methods and practices for improving the time management ability of a project manager or project foreman. An active presentation and class discussion will answer the following questions:

  • What is time management?
  • What is the difference between “time management” and “punctuality”?
  • Why is a project manager’s or foreman’s time management ability critical to having great field productivity?
  • Why is improving time management ability so difficult?
  • What is the relationship between “time management difficulty” and “old habits”?
  • What are the traits, qualities, and characteristics of all great managers of time?
  • Why is “time ownership” so critical?
  • What are the greatest “wasters” of a PM’s time?
  • What is the importance of taking a “quiet hour” each day?
  • How do you manage the telephone and telephone interruptions? Are you the “slave” or the “master”?
  • How do you leave good phone messages and how can they save you time?
  • How do you manage e-mails?
  • How do you manage the interruption of drop-in visitors?
  • How do you manage meetings and prevent wasting of time?
  • What are the rules for conducting efficient meetings?
  • How does great planning increase time management ability and efficiency?
  • What is the importance of prioritization?
  • What is the importance of delegation? What are the rules for delegation?
  • What is the importance of being “list driven”?
  • What is the importance of being “goal driven”?
  • What is the importance of being “calendar driven”?
  • Why must you be organized? How do you become and stay organized?
  • Why must you standardize? What should be standardized and how do you do it?
  • Why must you have and maintain your own personal “time management system”?
  • What are the primary components of your personal “time management system”?
  • What is a paper handling system; why is it important, and how do you do it?
  • What is problem with attempting too much and how does it cause failure


April 23
7:30 am - 3:30 pm


UA Local 440 Plumbers & Pipefitters
3747 S High School Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46241 United States